Indian Curriculum

Indian Curriculum

Kg and Nursery

Giving a strong foundation to your Child is essential !The curriculum is designed according to NCERT Guidelines.  It is designed accordingly to ensure the holistic development of children with access to education which envisions to promote access to universal, equitable, joyful, inclusive, and contextualized learning opportunities. Thereby, providing a strong foundation for lifelong learning through play and developmentally appropriate practices.

Indian Curriculum

Grade 1 to Grade 5

All the Gen Alpha curriculums correlate 100% with NCERT Guidelines. We cater to intellectual learning activities that enhance the cognitive abilities of children. Our Grade 1 to Grade 5 involves training the child for motor skills which, in turn, contributes to the overall development of the child.

We help in the holistic development of the child starting from communication skills to all the requisite ones to achieve success. While our students indulge in fun activities like poetry, storytelling, dance, physical activity, and music, they equally get trained for learning the concepts of Mathematics, Science, Technology, Environmental Science, English, Hindi, Physical education, Arts, and creativity.


  • English
  • Hindi( Only for Indian Students)
  • Third language (Optional)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Arts
  • Creativity Club

We offer

  • Live Online Classes 3-4 hrs. per day
  • Classes from Monday to Friday
  • 20 Students per class
  • Personalised Attention
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions by our experts
  • Project Based Learning
  • Various Activity Clubs on Saturday
  • Guidance for Students every month by our Expert Teachers

Indian Curriculum

Grade 6 to Grade 8

The Middle Stage will comprise three years of education from Grade 6 to Grade 8 which will focus on the pedagogical and curricular style of the Preparatory Stage and preparing the students at this stage across the sciences, mathematics, arts, social sciences, and humanities. Experiential learning within each subject, and explorations of relations among different subjects, will be given more importance according to NEP.

Gen Alpha follows the syllabus which is based on National Curriculum Framework following CBSE Pattern.